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Head Coach

Jaysen Baxter is a Brazilian Top Team Black belt under professor Marcelo Perdomo. Jaysen began training in 2001 and has been an avid competitor from the start. In 2015 he won the Masters World Championships at brown belt and was awarded his black belt. At black belt Jaysen has won both the American and Japanese National Championships and has won Silver at the Pan American Championships. Jaysen is know for his aggressive half guard style and his pressure passing. His hard work and studying of jiu jitsu makes him a great teacher for both beginners and advanced students.



Coach/Kids Coach

Raymond Mugica Jr "Junior" is a brown belt with Brazilian Top Team under Professor Marcelo Perdomo. Raymond started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and wrestling at the age of 16 in 2008 and has been training and competing ever since. He's also been coaching/ teaching the children's team at Brazilian Top Team Long Beach for the last 4 years, bringing home 2 Team World Championship trophies and producing multiple time world champions. Raymond is known for his modern day Jiu Jitsu style with a flexible guard and fast paced guard passing.



Coach/Kids Coach

Alongside his son Jr, Coach Sr has coached BTT Long Beach kid's team to 2 Team World Championships trophies, in addition has coached multiple kids to world titles. Coach Sr has competed through all belts and is an IBJJF National Champion at brown belt.